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There are certain tips we need to follow in our daily routine to be fit for life. These include from our working to our daily eating habits. We just need to be punctual about our schedule and also be aware of our proper selection of food and exercises which we are going to discuss in this article.



1. Get up Early Morning.

get up early morning

The first but most challenging task for many of us is early morning awakening. But trust me, this regular habit can keep us out of many diseases. In the beginning it may be difficult for us to get up early but once we try, it becomes normal.

Getting up early morning makes us feel fresh and energetic. Oxygen level is very high, no noise pollution are common early morning benefits. It makes us stress free and we can arrange our entire day working schedule.

As we get up, we can go for a normal 20-25 minutes walk, may run and exercise lightly.

2. Fast Weight Loss Exercises.


We may move on to our next step of being healthy by walking, running or exercising. In the beginning it may seem difficult but 2-3 days practice will make us regular.

  • Fast Walking It is difficult for many aged people to run, so they can start with walking fast. Walking is one of the easiest exercise to follow. It makes our organs active, makes us inhale more oxygen by increasing our lung capacity, warms us up and makes us sweat. It also releases out toxins and helps to cure digestion problems.
  • Long Distance Running Tips – If it is possible to run, then don’t hesitate, just go on. We may start with walking few rounds and then start running slowly. Do not force yourself to run many rounds at once as it may result in muscle pain the very next day. Running is considered as one of the best exercise.
  • Start Yoga Your Own – After walking or running we may start yoga. Yoga is an ancient Indian exercise technique which is based on stretching muscles along with breath in – breath out mechanism. Few Yoga poses I would recommend is SuryaNamaskar, Pranayam, Kapalbhaati, Shirshaasan and there are many others poses. Yoga is now followed in many countries as its benefits are unimaginable.
  • Swimming – Swimming is recommended as one of the best cardio vascular exercise. If you have a pool around, then start swimming. Each and every part of our body is exercised while we swim. But try not to go in water immediately after having meal, as it may result in vomit.

These were certain easy ways be healthy exercises which we can follow anywhere. You may join gym as well or buy certain gyming equipment online for home to make yourself fit. But remember being Consistent.

3. Meditation.

We are all mentally harassed from our work or daily life problems, which affects our metabolism. In order to relieve stress start meditation. Closing eyes and chanting “Om” with long deep breaths is a way in which we can meditate. Meditation brings peace of mind. People who meditate are more focused towards their work.

4. Liquid Intake.


Liquid is very essential for our body as it keeps us hydrated.

  • Start day with lukewarm water before going out for workout.
  • Drink fruit juices. As we work out we may lose very essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. Therefore, we need to drink fruit juices to replenish our self with essential nutrients. Fruits contain natural sugar.
  • Boiled vegetable soup can also be taken.
  • Fresh lime water and green tea are other alternatives which we can drink.
  • Warm milk at night before bed is very necessary as it provides calcium, protein and essential vitamins. It also makes us sleep well.

Avoid soft drinks.

5. Times Eat Lose Weight.

Timely Eating

What we eat is as important as when we eat. Proper timely eating is very necessary to keep our body balanced. It is advisable to avoid eating at late night. Try to have all meals early. Timely eating fights obesity, acidity and cures digestion problems. Also, avoids irregular eating habits.


6. Healthy Diet Lose Weight.

We all know benefits eating fruits vegetables but we tend to avoid it. Balanced diet help us maintain weight and reduce risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and many others. Consume more fruits, vegetables, egg, whole grains instead of fast foods. Also, try to consume fresh food instead of packaged items.

Regularly eating fat food may increase the risk of heart problems whereas fruits and vegetables are filled with antioxidants which tend to neutralize damaging cells, which in turn makes our heart healthy.

7. Best Way Quit Smoking.

Quit Smoking

Smoking as we all know is one of the worst addiction. Many people are trying to get rid of this deadly habit.

Smoking can cause many harmful diseases such as lung malignancy, heart problems, respiratory problems, asthma, impotency, insomnia (sleeping disorder) etc. It is also responsible for reducing stamina.

Smoking not only affects the person who is doing it but non-smoker who is in the surrounding of a smoker also has increased chances to such chronic diseases. would wisely advise our readers to quit smoking as soon as possible if they are doing it.

There are many products available in the market that help people get rid of this addiction. Most people have been benefited from such products then why can’t you. Just give it a try.

8. Stop Alcohol Drinking.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol consumption like smoking is an addiction, which contains high fat sugar and is mainly responsible for liver and pancreas damage. Alcohol consumption for long can cause irreversible organ damage.

Diabetic patients are highly advisable not to consume alcohol as it may lead to kidney failure.

Alcoholism also leads to sexual disorder. Drinking too much alcohol at once increases risk of dehydration. There are people who have lost their career due to prolonged alcohol addiction and undergone depression and anxiety. Sometimes drinking alcohol results in many social crimes.

9. Get Good Night Sleep Naturally.

Good sleep relaxes our mind and body. It brings us peace, makes us feel fresh and gives us energy to work the next day.

It is very necessary to have 6-8 hours of sleep. Adequate sleep relaxes our muscles, lowers stress and brings us healthy life. It helps in increasing memory, controls blood pressure, improves digestion and makes us live longer.

People suffering from insomnia may practice yoga and meditation in the early morning. Drinking warm milk at night also helps in proper sleep as it produces sleep hormone. So, get a good night sleep.

10. Get Calm Mind.Be Calm

Last but not the least. Get calm and peaceful mind. Inner peace provides us more energy, makes us focused and maintains mental balance.

People who lose their temper easily suffers from hypertension, blood pressure and other bodily imbalance. On the other hand, people who are calm and composed are more confident, self controlled and are more optimistic.


So, these were certain easy ways to be healthy tips which we can follow in our daily routine to be fit, healthy and to achieve more success in life.

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