Be in a Happy Mood


Everybody wants happiness in life. Smiling and making someone smile is one of the best feeling. There are numerous ways which makes us cheerful, jolly and ultimately mentally satisfied. Let’s discuss some of them below to BE IN A HAPPY MOOD.

1. Spend Time with Family And Friends to Be In a Happy Mood.

Spend time with family

Spending quality time with family and close friends is the moment, we may never want to forget. It makes us forget all worries and miseries we suffered through. Enjoy each and every moment being with them.

Researchers suggest that loneliness leads to depression and helplessness. While spending time with loved ones boosts confidence, creates bonding and doesn’t make us feel alone as they are the ones who care for us and assist us when we need them.

2. Go Out in Weekends.

Go out in weekends

Getting out in weekends or a short trip lets us away from our work. Although in our fast and busy life it is difficult for us to arrange such outings, still we should try to make it possible.

Discovering new places, meeting new people, exploring new ideas makes us more creative and active.

We get mentally tired from our work so we need break in the form of a vacation. It helps in increasing enthusiasm and makes more us more focused towards our work when we return.

Children on the other hand gain new experiences, become more responsible and co-operative in nature. They are most benefited from outings. So it is highly preferable that they should go for a vacation at least once in a year to be in a happy mood.

3. Socialize More.

Be more social in office, neighbor or in any gathering you are present. We can mix with our colleagues by helping them out in their work. Interacting with our neighbors, inviting them for dinner or any small event at home helps in getting together.

Socializing helps in building relationship, improves self development, relieves anxiety, boosts confidence and brings happiness in life.

4. Exercise Regularly.

Yes, you heard it right. Exercise releases brain hormone called endorphins which brings a euphoric feeling. Exercise makes us fit, strengthens our muscles, releases toxins and makes us look more attractive. This results in reducing stress, depression and other negative feeling and enhances self-esteem.

So, get out of bed and start workout to lead a more confident and enthusiastic life.

5. Celebrate Special Occasions.


Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and special events should always be celebrated. These moments are enjoyable. They make us cheerful and helps us to be in a happy mood.

Cherishing such moment brings a feeling of companionship and creates bonding among friends and family members. It is very necessary to involve small children while celebrating any special event in family as they learn to be more disciplined, get motivated and familiarize others. It creates a long term positive moment for them.

6. Be Optimistic.

Being optimistic brings hope and makes us more energized. If we are working in a team then we can motivate and encourage others by being optimistic. It brings positive feeling in any negative situation and inspire us to move on. It makes us believe that things will turn well.

Even in a condition of failure or loss it does not let our mood off and gives us a ray of hope.

7. Keep on Learning.


It is rightly said that learning never ends. Learning new things or any hobby we dream t of in our childhood brings us happiness. Although it is easier to grab skills at an early age, still we should keep on developing our abilities and knowledge.

We should also learn from our experiences and mistakes of others. Skill development makes us more competitive and brings us new scope in our career. This leads to achievement and success in life.

8. Be Neat and Tidy.

Neat and Tidy

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Be it your home or office keep it in a more organized manner to make them look sophisticated. Always take bath, wear clean and comfortable clothes to be more fresh and cosmopolitan.

Being neat and organized saves our time, eliminates stress and brings calmness.

9. Help Others.

Help Others

Helping others in their work or in personal life makes them trust us. We can assist anybody physically, mentally and economically. It makes others respect us and raises self-confidence.

Assisting others gives us opportunity to contact with new people and to build more social relationship. It helps us to connect with people and brings us a feeling of pride and satisfaction.

10. Be at Present Moment.

When we imagine about future we get worried and tensed. When we think about past we are filled with sorrow and anxiety. So, it is best to be at present moment to be in a happy mood.

Being in present moment overcomes our stress and lead us to a healthy life.

11. Respect Yourself.

Respect Yourself

Nothing in this world is perfect. So respecting our own body, job, home, country etc. overcomes the feeling of inferiority complex. Instead of getting jealous from others we should work on our self and try to make things perfect as much as we can.

Self love and belief builds confidence. We should not always be surrounded with people who flatter but also be with someone who criticize us in our mistakes and helps us in our improvement.

In addition to this respect should also be given to others especially elders, we should learn to obey them. The more we admire others, the more we get in return.

12. Get Enough Sleep.

Sleep is very essential for our mind and body to get relaxed. People who suffer from insomnia feel exhausted and are unable to concentrate towards their work.

Good sleep induces our bodily function and enhances memory. At least 6-8 hours of sleep in a day is recommended for a robust life.

13. Let Go.

Let Go

To live a pleasant life we should learn to forgive people. We should let go of their mistakes. We should not keep on remembering any past event that had hurt us.

Forgiveness lead to healthy relationships. It reduces stress, anxiety and hatred. Letting go of grudges and bitterness for someone brings us peace, happiness and spiritual healing.

14. Involve in Extra Curricular Activities.

When our mood is upset then one of the best way to re freshen it is to get engaged in any extra-curricular or recreational activities like watching television, playing indoor games or any hobby like painting, music dance etc. It diverts our mind and rejuvenates us.

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