Exercise Equipment for SeniorsAging has several negative effects on our mind and body. As people get older they may feel aches and pains. They become less active which slows down their brain and weakens their cognitive functions. Regular exercise makes them active and keeps apart many aging effects.

Daily workout is highly recommended for senior citizens. It makes them healthier, improves their sleep, provides relief from stress and physical ailments. It also cherishes their mood and enhances their outlook. So here we’ll discuss about the best exercise equipment for seniors.

There are several types of exercise suggested for older people like cardiovascular exercise, balance and flexibility, aerobic and resistance training exercise. Cardiovascular and resistance training physical activities are of great importance.

Progressive resistance training is building up strength in your muscles by gradually increasing the amount of weight you can lift. You may perform it with lightweight like dumbbells or in a gym with equipment. It strengthens muscles and diminishes the risk of falls and fractures. It improves mobility and increases the body’s level of growth factors. Growth factors play significant role on the brain and helps in memory increase and decision-making.

But before you start lifting weight it is very necessary to get warm up. You can get ready by walking a few minutes, swinging your hands front-back and sideways, stretch your arms up, rotate your neck, ankle, shoulders and do squats 5-10 times.

Caution : It is advised that you always perform exercise using these equipments under the guidance of a physical trainer. Kindly ensure that you do not injure yourself.

Exercise Equipment You Can Keep at Home.

1. Treadmill

Walking on a treadmill is an excellent workout to keep your heart healthy. It can be used by people of all age groups and is affordable, easy to operate and maintain. This is something you must have at your home gym.

There are both manual and motorized or electronic treadmills you may purchase here. It can be folded, stored and can be easily set up at home. You can set the incline and speed according to your effort level.

There are treadmills available with lots of features like Bluetooth, USB and AUX ports so that you can listen to your favorite songs while walking or running and make exercise fun. You can also save your previous workout performance and make yourself ready for more challenges.

Treadmills equipped with digital monitors enables you to check your speed, stamina, heart rate and calories burnt. There are some available with Google Maps and Android applications along with Web Browser.

Walking or running on this machine strengthens your calves, thighs, knees and tones your body. Treadmill is a great cardiovascular exercise device which increases your blood flow and improves your overall health.

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2. Dumbbells.

Just with a pair of dumbbells hundreds of physical activities can be performed. It helps you to gain muscles which is called Progressive Resistance Training.

There are different sizes and weights of dumbbells available for beginners and experts. Curls, goblet squat, arm raises, step ups, free walking and there are so many workouts you can perform using this tool. Working out with this equipment decreases the risk of strokes, enhances muscle endurance, increases bone density, helps in losing weight, works on abs, shoulders etc.

So just have it with you and ask your trainer for more activities using dumbbells.

3. Balance Cushion.

Also, known as Stability Disc or Wobble cushion. Balance cushion has its own significance. Balance Cushion is light and can be taken along anywhere. It is oval and made of durable PVC. There are two surfaces. One is plain and the other has spikes on it.

Even persons who are unable to perform difficult exercises which require you to stand, may use it. Simply keep it on the chair and sit on it. It is a great device to improve your balance, posture, concentration, nerve stimulation, weight loss, stress relief and mobility of ligaments and joints.

The best part of Balance Cushion is that it can be used while you are standing, sitting or lying. You may also keep it with you when you are in office, home or in a gym. Even children in school use it to increase focus.

Physiotherapists highly recommend balance cushion to people who are suffering from injuries like arthritis, knee injury, ankle injury etc. for fast recovery.

There are different types and colors of balance cushions available you can purchase by clicking here.

4. Exercise Bike.

Also, called exercise bicycle or spinning bike is stationary bicycle with pedals and handles on it. Exercise bike is a great alternative if you find it difficult to go out for bicycling and is easy to operate.

Bicycling is an effective warm up exercise, which works on your thighs, knees, lower back, hips, calves, ankles and arm muscles. It keeps your heart healthy too. You can change the difficulty level by increasing or decreasing the resistance. Here you can find bikes with adjustable seats so that you can work on your upper body as well.

Exercise bicycle comes with many features like magnetic resistance, comfortable seat, adjustable paddles and display monitors to check your speed, distance traveled and pulse rate.

So, add it to your gym right away by clicking here and find out the best exercise bike available for you at the cheapest price.

5. Rubber Tube.

Rubber Tube or resistance band is highly useful for seniors who have shoulder issues. It can be used as hand weight. You can do curls keeping it under your foot, shoulder press, squats and chest press etc.

You can use it for strengthening your upper and lower body muscle groups.

Different qualities and colors of rubber tube are available here at the best price.

6. Balance Ball.

Balance ball or stability ball is one of the best balance exercise equipment for seniors. It comes in different sizes with diameter of 55cm, 65cm 75cm. You have to chose according to your height and inflate it before using. It’s a great tool that provides good posture, abdominal strength and core strength.

If you have hip pain, lower back pain or upper back pain then you may use it as an alternative to your desk chair. The natural movement that happens with the exercise ball is highly effective for your spine.

Workout with exercise ball is quite simple. You just need to sit on it and slowly move your hips round, front back or sideways maintaining balance. It is also suggested by therapists during various injuries. It works on your core muscles and during back pain it provides relief. You can also perform stretching workouts.

Balance ball is safe to use and provides muscle balance. Here you can find various types of anti burst balance ball which are made of long-lasting material. These are Eco friendly. With the ball you also get air pump to inflate the ball.

7. Rowing Machine.

Rowing machine is among the most demanded exercise equipment. Not only experts but seniors and beginners use it too. It’s an appropriate tool for people of all age groups and genders to work on their body.

It works on cardio and stabilizes core muscles. With this machine you can tone your body, strengthen your lower back, upper body, leg muscles, hamstrings, thighs, shoulders and arms. It can help you maintain weight and does not hamper your joints.

It should definitely be added to your home gym for your overall fitness. This machine is cheap and made of high quality materials.

Here you get Rowing Machine with digital monitors to check your progress, anti slip handles, non-skid adjustable pedals and sliding seat for your endurance and ease. You may also change the resistance level to accord to you need.

8. Lat Pull Down Machine.

Lat pull down machine is a combination of several exercising tools combined together. It might be a bit costly but is highly beneficial for muscles. Even older adults use it to decrease the risk of muscle mass loss.

Using this machine you can do underhand and overhand pull down.

Overhand works on the upper portion of your body and maximizes stretch. Underhand improves your abs. Exercising with it makes your spine stronger. It also builds up your biceps, shoulders and back.

Different types of Lat Pull Down Machines are available here according to your requirement. Check it out.

9. Bench Press.

Bench Press is another good exercise equipment for seniors. Using it, you can work on different body parts.

Exercises you may perform using bench press are sit ups, push-ups, weight lifting etc. It increases flexibility and builds muscles. There are lots of varieties, please check here.

10. Yoga Mat.

Yoga poses are highly beneficial for seniors. I have written a post, where I’ve described a few yoga poses for seniors.

It is my personal recommendation that seniors should immediately start performing yoga asanas under a good guidance for your overall health and longevity.

Above listed tools builds your muscles but Yoga apart from strengthening your body also relieves stress.

Excellent Yoga mats are available here with features like anti slip surface, long-lasting material, washable, vivid colors etc. Go for It.

Apart from these tools, there are certain useful exercise products you’ll need during workout. Just have a quick glance at them.


Here you can purchase a comfortable shoe for yourself of all sizes, colors and brands.

Kit bag.

People who go out for workout like gym, park etc. may need a kit bag to keep their belongings. Even sports personnel need them to keep their sporting goods.

Workout Apparels or Sports Wear.

Always wear comfortable clothes during your workout sessions. Please check active wears for yourself like track pant, T-shirts, shorts, socks etc.


You may need gloves while using devices like lat pull down machine, exercise bike, rowing machine etc. Good quality gloves are available here.

Weighing Machine.

People working hard to lose weight always need a weighing machine to keep a track of their progress. Keep this machine at your gym or home to check your improvement.

That’s it. I wish you a very good luck and hope that you find this article instructive and engaging.

So, Go Ahead and live a Healthy Life.

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