Yoga for Senior CitizensIn this article we’ll discuss about elderly exercise program in the form of yoga for senior citizens who are capable of doing so. With aging comes numerous biological and psychological problems.

As people grow older i.e. after attaining 50 years several chronic diseases and ailments related to heart, kidney, pancreas, nervous system, brain, liver etc. becomes the leading cause of death among old age people.

Age Related Issues Include :

  • Weight Loss.
  • Blood flow declines.
  • Nerve pain and nerve disorder.
  • Memory loss.
  • Muscle mass decline.
  • Joints become less flexible.
  • Bones become brittle.
  • Indigestion.
  • Respiratory problem.
  • Increased chances of Infection.

There are several other aging issues.

Well, with little awareness and change in lifestyle we can get rid of many such issues we have discussed above.

It has been said that precaution is better than cure, so take action by practicing stress deduction techniques, maintaining healthy weight and staying active. Simply follow the Yoga steps discussed here to attain a healthy life.

Here we’ll not only discuss Yoga techniques but also the benefits we attain from them.

Caution Before Attempting Elderly Exercise Program :

Please consult your doctor or therapist before attempting any Yoga pose. Kindly perform Yoga under the supervision of any Yoga teacher or practitioner. Do not push yourself beyond your limits while practicing Yoga.

Yoga Steps :

1. Marzasana – Cat Stretch Pose.

  • Keeping your back straight, stand on your hands and knees.
  • Raise your neck, bending your back downwards.
  • Stretch your neck backwards as much as you can.
  • Now, bending your back upwards, bend down your neck between your hands.

Repeat these steps.

  • Second part of this Asana is raising your left leg above the ground stretched out behind you while bending your neck upwards.
  • Feel the stretch and be in this position for a while.
  • Exhaling, bring down you left leg slowly.
  • Repeat this with your other leg.

Perform this Asana 5-10 times.

Benefits : This Asana provides flexibility and strength to your spine, neck, back muscles, thighs and hip bones. It also builds up your shoulders and arm muscles.

2. Ardha Matsyendrasana – Fish Pose.

  • Sit on the floor and spread your legs out in front of you. Keep them together.
  • Bend your left leg and pull it below your right one.
  • Raise and bend your right leg.
  • Place the right foot outside the left leg.
  • Hold your right foot with your left-hand keeping the elbow on the outside of your right leg.
  • Place your right arm behind your back and breathing normally turn your waist right side as much possible.
  • Be in this position.
  • Now slowly come to the normal position with your legs spread out in front of you.

Perform this Asana the other side.

  • Sitting on the floor bend your right leg and keep it below your left leg.
  • Raise and bend your left leg. Place your left foot outside the right leg.
  • Hold your left foot with your right-hand keeping the elbow outside of your left leg.
  • Place your left arm behind your back and turn your waist left breathing normally.
  • Sit in this position and feel the stretch.

Repeat this Asana 5 times.

Benefits : This Asana provides reinforces your thighs, hip, neck, spine and shoulders. It increases blood circulation and provides beauty. It also helps in digestion and is very effective during constipation.

3. Salabhasana – Locust Pose or Grasshopper Pose.

  • Lie down on your stomach, keep your legs straight.
  • Keep your palms up and place your arms below your body with your palms supporting your thighs.
  • Inhaling, slowly raise your right leg without bending your knees.
  • Holding your breath, feel this position.
  • Slowly bring your leg down while breathing out.
  • Do the same with your left leg.

Repeat the steps for 5 times.

  • Lie on your stomach as told earlier and while inhaling raise both the legs up. Keep them straight.
  • Feel the stretch on your back while sustaining your breath.
  • Breathing out, bring down your legs slowly.

Perform this 5-10 times.

Benefits : Salabhasana is highly beneficial for person enduring back pain. It stretches your back, thigh and hip muscles. Increases blood flow.

4. Bhujangasana – Serpent or Cobra Pose.

  • Lie down on your stomach and keep your body straight.
  • Keep your palms down next to your shoulders with your elbows tucked into your body.
  • Breathe in and slowly raise your body on to your shoulders.
  • Stretch your neck backwards and hold in this position.
  • While breathing out, slowly lower your body on the floor.
  • Again breathing in, raise your body. But this time all the way up on your palms. Remember to be slow.
  • Stretch up according to your comfort and then come back to your position while releasing your breath.

Bhujangasana can be carried out 5-10 times.

Benefits : Enhances flexibility and strength at the lower back, abdominal and arms. Increases blood flow in the brain. Helps in digestion. Elevates mood.

5. Sarvangasana – Shoulder Stand.

  • Lie down on your back with your hands on the ground and palms down.
  • While inhaling, raise your legs and keep them straight.
  • Raise your hips using your hands on your back as support.
  • Stretch your legs up as much as possible.
  • Put your entire weight on your shoulders with your hands supporting your back.
  • Slowly lower your body on the ground while exhaling.

You may do it 5-10 times.

Benefits : Sarvangasana nourishes brain and the entire body with more blood and oxygen. Stimulates thyroid gland. Increases memory power and strengthens shoulders. This Asana adds glow to your skin and provides beauty to your face. It provides a feeling of rejuvenation.

6. Dhanurasana – Bow Pose.

  • Lie on your back and raise your legs upwards, bending your knees.
  • Hold your legs with your hands behind the ankles.
  • Breathing in, slowly lift your chest off the ground as much as you can.
  • Keep the entire weight of your body on your stomach.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and then slowly release your body on the ground while exhaling.

Attempt this Asana 5-10 times.

Benefits : This Asana is effective for reducing fat around abdominal area. Enhances power and flexibility to the back, thigh, neck and arm muscles. Relieves stress and constipation.

The information given above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Any feedback, suggestions and comments are highly welcome. Kindly ask your doubts and questions, I shall surely assist you in the best possible manner.

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