POSTPARTUM CARE KIT NEEDED BY MOTHERSPostpartum care kit is very essential for mothers after the delivery. New moms suffer a lot from problems like excessive bleeding, nipple soreness due to breastfeeding, stretchmarks, uneven shape, aches etc. Here you can get various postpartum products that will help you once you’ve given birth to your baby. 

Postpartum Care Kit Products and Other Essential Products Needed After Delivery.

1. Maternity Maxi Pads Postpartum. (Amazon)

A mother might experience heavy bleeding immediately after child birth and it may continue for more than 10 days. Sometimes ordinary pads don’t provide proper solution, so I suggest new moms to buy disposable maternity maxi pads.

Maternity maxi pads are very hygienic, sterile, leak proof and are big than normal pads. Mothers can wear it after natural child birth or over C-section as it does not hurt stitches.

Pads are disposable and work for more than 3-4 hrs. You can start with MAXI pad and when bleeding comes down you can switch to MEDI pad.

2. Disposable Pad Fixator. (Amazon)

Pad fixator is like panty that supports your maternity pads. It has stretchable waist that provides comfort and does not hurt your stitches.

The best part about pad fixator is that you don’t need to worry about washing your unclean panties.

You can wear it anytime in hospital, indoor or outdoor and throw it away after the use.

3. Nursing Bra Pads. (Amazon)

baby and mother

Breastfeeding moms sometimes undergo leakage of breast milk after feeding their newborn baby. For some people leakage can be uncomfortable as they don’t enjoy wearing wet clothes and leakage may also appear in your garments making you feel embarrassed in social gatherings. Moreover, wearing wet bra against breast can lead to infection and inflammation on the nipples.

Therefore, it is advisable to purchase nursing bra pads following child birth to prevent nipple leakages from bra. They are designed to absorb any breast milk which leaks, keeping it away from the nipples. Women can easily wear pad inside bra and change when it is moist.

Companies make two types of pads a) Reusable pads and b) Disposable pads. You can wear reusable pads at home and disposable pads while you are away. Always carry some spare pads whenever you are outdoors.

4. Milk Collection Shell. (Amazon)

Nipple pain is the main cause due to which women quit breastfeeding. The pain becomes unbearable when nipples start cracking and bleeding.

Milk collection shell is a wonderful product that allows you to store your breast milk by placing it on your breast right under beneath your bra. It acts like a container for your breast milk.

Milk shell provides solution to some of the most common breastfeeding problems faced by moms such as nipple soreness, pain, crack etc. and lets your nipple heal. It allows your nipples to rest so that you are more comfortable for the time being. It proved to be an amazing essential during breastfeeding period.

5. Nipple Cream. (Amazon)

Mother with her baby

Breastfeeding or nursing is the most natural way to nourish your baby. But sometimes continuous nursing might lead to tenderness, crack and bleeding of nipples.

Therefore, you can use nipple cream made of natural ingredients to soothe your nipples and keep them off infections. Make sure it doesn’t contain any chemicals that are unsuitable for your baby.

While applying nipple cream made of natural ingredients, you don’t need to worry about washing your nipples between feedings. However proper consultation from a doctor or specialist is a must before using such ointments during breastfeeding.

6. Ultra Soft Bedding. (Amazon)

After the delivery of a baby your body undergoes lot of physical changes and requires time to heal which can be done by proper rest for at least six months.

Cool mattress allows you to sleep comfortably before and after delivery. Its soft finish makes you feel nice on your backbone and hip bones. It assists in taking nap that helps restoration of your health.

You can look for mattress that are lightweight, made from high quality material and comes with warranty.

7. Post Pregnancy Dresses For Women. (Amazon)

postpartum dress

Post delivery dresses are very essential for newly moms as it eases nursing and provides access for medical examinations. Oversize dresses like hospital gowns might embarrass you in public places so wear stylish, printed maternity gowns that are 100% cotton made.

These gowns are really versatile as they have back snap that cover you from top to bottom and front snap down flaps that make nursing very easy for first time moms.

Even when you are away maternity dress does not let you feel down when you feed your baby in public. You can have a glance at these dresses and look attractive.

8. Postpartum Slimming Belt. (Amazon)

During the period of pregnancy there is stretching of ligament, skin and abdomen muscles in the mother. It takes almost one year for the skin, ligaments and muscles to retain normal shape.

Post pregnancy slimming belt or postpartum slimming belt is specially designed to use after pregnancy. This belt helps in belly bloating, uterus recovery and regaining previous posture at the earliest. Some mothers might experience emptiness inside their abdomen, it helps in counter that emptiness and reduces the risks of back aches.

Postpartum slimming belt is soft as silk, stretchable and covers the entire belly. Users can easily wear it inside the clothing.

Postpartum belt is available in various sizes.

9. Stretch Mark Removal Cream. (Amazon)

stretch mark cream

During pregnancy excessive stretching of the skin leads to stretch mark. Almost 90% of women have stretch marks after giving birth to the baby and the primary reason is weight gain.

Stretch marks can be prevented by keeping yourself hydrated, eating vitamin rich fruits and vegetables. Apart from this you can also apply stretch mark removal cream or an ointment to prevent stretch mark up to some extent. It combines unique blend of ingredients like cocoa butter, lavender oil, collagen etc.

It penetrates deep into skin, helps restore skin moisture, tones the skin and assists in soothing and accelerating healing after delivery. Pregnant women can use this cream to prevent stretch marks.

10. Bio Oil. (Amazon)

Bio oil is an ayurvedic medicine that soothes skin and can be used as an alternative to stretch mark removal cream. It contains natural healing bio actives like vitamin A, lavender oil, rosemary oil, aloe Vera, cocoa butter, safflower seed oil etc.

Bio oil improves the appearance of stretch mark, scars and uneven skin tone arising due to pregnancy and weight gain. It is also recommended for dehydrated skin and aging.

You may also start using the product when pregnancy is confirmed and continue until delivery.

11. Diaper Bag. (Amazon)

After your baby is born, it would be fun to travel out with your baby as you would want him or her to explore new places and meet new people. But you would also need to carry baby products in a bag whenever you go out.

Here you can check amazing diaper bags that you can carry when you travel with your baby. These bags have spacious interior, fashioned, multi pockets and have easy access to bottles.

These smart designed bags are eco friendly i.e. they are phthalate free and are made of premium quality material. You can check out bags that are expandable, lightweight, washable and have adjustable shoulder strap.

Diaper bags are available for both boys and girls.

12. Baby Carrier. (Amazon)

baby carrier

Baby carrier is a certified product that keeps new born child close to their mothers, lets mothers carry their loved one to any place with minimum effort and brings them joy.

Parents can easily fit baby carrier for safer carrying and carry their child from 3 to 24 months age. It comes with waist belt and shoulder belt for superior lumbar support.

Your baby can be carried in different ways like front carry face in, front carry face out, back carry etc. and proper support has been provided for baby’s head, spine, hips, neck and its ergonomic design generates natural sitting position for the baby.

It is machine washable and has several features that provides additional support, comfort and safety to the baby. It has comfortable cushioned interiors, friendly fabric and comes in exquisite designs.

13. Baby Scrapbook. (Amazon)

You might want to create your baby’s lovely memories by clicking pictures, writing thoughts, artwork and decorating it in a baby scrapbook.

Here you get beautiful scrapbooks for your baby boy or girl. You can also gift someone scrapbook on baby shower occasion.

Several other products like female portable urination device, week by week guide, yoga mat etc. have been described in pregnancy products page and are needed after delivery, so you can check them out by clicking this link.

  1. Thanks for this, I wish I’d read it before the birth of my first child. There are so many things you don’t realise the first time around. I’d even add in there – adult diapers to go with the maxi pads:) Plus, gentle laxatives for home use, and Ural sachets. Do you have a slimming belt you can recommend?

  2. Thank you Erika,
    I would surely follow your advice and add the products you have mentioned. Yes you can get slimming belt. If you intend to purchase kindly let me know.

  3. Hello,
    Awesome article! you have some great ideas about what new moms would really need after giving birth. As I read your article, I kept thinking about how lots of the items you mentioned could be purchased and made into a nice care package for a close friend or daughter who has just had a baby. I don’t know anyone having a baby right now but your article has been helpful for the next time I purchase a present for a new mom. 🙂 Thanks for all the information you have provided.

    1. Thank you so much for going through my article. Yes  I agree with you that there are so many products mothers need after giving birth which they are not aware of. I m really honoured that you found it helpful. You should definitely purchase them when you attend a baby shower or recommend this article to a friend and share it in social media. Thank you once again.

      You may also have a look at another article on pregnancy products.

  4. Hey Sour, great post. I wish I had that stuff in your post on hand when my wife gave birth to my son.
    Personally, I like that your post lists everything that would be helpful to have post childbirth and your post is a guiding light to all of those women who are transitioning back to “reality” only with the child.
    I think your post is good for women who are pregnant and post pregnancy, I’ll keep your post in mind when my wife and I have our second. Good job!

    1. Hello R.J. thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, I tried my best to list everything that a woman needs post pregnancy. I shall be grateful if you buy products when you have a second child. 

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