1. PREGNANCY PRODUCTSThe period of pregnancy is a joyful experience. Even though the journey towards attaining motherhood is quite exciting but is challenging too. There are numerous problems faced by pregnant women such as morning sickness, nausea, vomit, foot pain, sleeping disorder, urinal etc. So here I have enlisted a few Pregnancy Products to resolve some of the most common problems faced by women before delivery.

Pre-Delivery Pregnancy Products.

1. Maternity Pillow.

Pregnancy pillow or maternity pillow are designed by physiotherapists to assist pregnant women to support their belly, neck, hips and back during rest. They not only provide quality sleeping but sitting positions too.

They have been designed keeping in mind the minutest specification to provide maximum comfort. It provides total body support and relief from aches during pregnancy. It includes zipped cover which are detachable and washable.

a) C-shaped Pregnancy Pillow. (Amazon)

Pregnancy Pillow

This amazing pillow can be used in the second and third trimester. The moment your baby starts growing you’ll face difficulty while sleeping. It provides an even spread of support and thus releases pressure in the neck, shoulders and other parts of your body.

There are different recommended positions you can sleep using this pillow.

The first position is belly basic in which your belly is supported and your neck, shoulders, hips are at complete rest. Your spine is straightened. This position is also recommended post pregnancy for women who underwent surgery.

Second position is back-to-back where you put the pillow in C-shape behind you to provide complete support and stretch to your lower back. This position provides great relief from hip pain. This is very pleasant as you won’t get sweaty at night.

C-shaped pregnancy pillow provides you cuddle comfort and takes the place of multiple pillows to support your belly, hips, shoulders, neck and back.

This pillow is made up of ultra soft durable material and comes with 100% cotton printed detachable cover which is washable too.

b) Wedge Pregnancy Pillow. (Amazon)

Wedge pregnancy pillow is an especially designed wedge-shaped pregnancy pillow to provide support to your back and tummy. It has been designed for multipurpose use. You may use it for different positions like to raise legs or to elevate head and torso. It relaxes spine and back muscles.

This pillow is also used post pregnancy for baby feeding, as a sitting support and to protect your baby falling from bed.

It comes with 100% cotton quilted cover which is removable and washable.

c) U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow. (Amazon)

This pillow is highly effective during maternity pains and can also be used after delivery. It contains fine coolly fibers. It offers twin side support and is perfect for women who switch sides while sleeping and provides great body alignment.

U LYTE pillow is made of high quality material and is free from latex, phthalate and BPA. So it is very safe to use and has a cotton fabric outer cover.

It can also be used for reading and lounging during pregnancy as it has extra wide arms.

2. Swollen Feet Solution.

Pregnancy Shoes

Most expecting mothers suffer from swelling foot during their period of pregnancy. This normally happens in the last trimester because of the increased weight and pressure put on the veins of the foot. If you are on your foot for most of the time then it might result in foot swelling. It may also happen due to water retention in the body.

Many expectant moms are able to tackle this problem on their own by eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, taking proper rest and drinking plenty of water.

Although swelling in the ankle is common and harmless in the third trimester of pregnancy but sometimes it may be a sign of high blood pressure or high protein level in urine called preeclampsia. It may also indicate clot in the veins and may require emergency care and treatment to avoid any complication.

There are two most common foot related problems faced during pregnancy.

  • Over Pronation : Also known as flat feet, occurs mainly due to the excess pressure on the foot created by weight gain and the arch of the foot flattens out. This results in creating pressure on the fibrous tissues that connect heel to the toe. Over Pronation may result in pain of the calf muscles and can also lead to back ache.
  • Edema : It mainly happens in the third trimester and can be recognized by the swelling caused due the blood retention in the lower legs. Swelling may also happen due to water accumulation in the body and can restrict your movement. Kindly consult your doctor if it is highly painful.

There are several products available to provide relief from foot pain during pregnancy.

a) Orthotic or Heel Pads. (Amazon)

Almost 60-70% expecting mothers suffer from foot ache in the later days of pregnancy due to weight gain. This creates pressure on foot and it goes down, as it goes down it stretches tendons, ligaments and muscles resulting in swelling which is called over pronation.

Orthotics is an arch support that helps prevent over pronation. It has been designed to stop your feet from flattening out.

Using a good Orthotic or Heel Pads will take tension and stress off the arch of the foot.

b) Cooling Foot Cream. (Amazon)

Foot cream helps a lot in repairing and relieving cracked heels. It moisturizes, softens, soothes and prevents lower leg skin from getting hurt. They are made up of different ingredients like aloe, peppermint, milk, honey etc. that is ideal for dry skin. It nourishes and cools the skin and relaxes achy feet

Choose right foot cream for yourself to keep your skin soft, hydrated and fragrant all the time.

c) Pregnancy Footwear. (Amazon)

Choosing right footwear is of utmost importance during pregnancy. You can get the best design shoes and footwear here for yourself to provide support and relief from the pain.

Pregnant moms are advised not to walk bare foot at all.

Apart from these products there are other remedies as well as exercises, proper diet and keeping your foot elevated on a stool while you are sitting to prevent edema. You may also purchase Pregnancy Socks (Amazon) to get relief and make sure you are under proper guidance of a healthcare expertise.

3. Tea For Stomach Woes. (Amazon)


There are several herbal tea which are highly beneficial during pregnancy. They not only help maintain general well-being but also make childbirth easier. Herbal tea are caffeine free and help boost immunity for you and your child.

Enlisted below is a list of tea which are favorable during childbirth.

a) Ginger Tea. (Amazon)

Ginger Tea is safe to drink and helps you to get relief from morning sickness and nausea. It assists in digestion process and treats sore throat and cold. You may add honey if you wish.

b) Peppermint Tea. (Amazon)

Peppermint tea has breath freshening features and is highly effective for morning sickness, nausea and vomiting. It treats stomach woes such as heartburn, acidity and bloating. It will also help you to sleep better.

c) Raspberry Leaf Tea. (Amazon)

Raspberry leaf tea can be consumed from second trimester. It contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are beneficial for labor and thus help pregnant mom making childbirth a little easier. It protects from postpartum hemorrhage.

d) Dandelion Leaf Tea. (Amazon)

Dandelion leaf tea is enriched with potassium, vitamin A, calcium and iron. It can help in mild edema i.e. fluid retention during late pregnancy. It also nourishes the liver. Although it has a bitter taste but is highly effective during pregnancy as it contains diuretic properties as well.

e) Rooibos Tea. (Amazon)

Rooibos tea is caffeine free and is highly suggested during pregnancy. It contains anti-oxidants that helps fight diseases and increase immunity in the body. It eases indigestion and provides essential minerals to your body during maternity.

4. Maternity Vomit Bags. (Amazon)

Vomit bags are highly necessary for expectant moms as nausea and vomit are common among them. Here you can get 100% biodegradable emesis bag which converts bodily fluids like urine, blood, emesis etc. into gel and prevents spillage. It has highly absorbent pad which doesn’t allow liquid to come out, thus averting infection and awful smell.

Vomit bags are a life saver for people who have travel sickness. You just have to hold the bag with your hands and after you use it, tie the knot and dispose it off in trash, so it is very easy to use. You don’t need to clean it as well.

So, have vomit bags with you and travel safely with the peace of mind.

5. Saffron During Pregnancy. (Amazon)


Saffron is loaded with multiple qualities and helps pregnant women to maintain their health. This herb is advised to almost every expecting mother. It has several benefits such as :-

  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy might make you upset and depressed sometimes. Consuming saffron boosts your mood as it acts as an anti-depressant.
  • Saffron helps in reducing blood pressure.
  • Consuming saffron with tea provides relief from nausea and morning sickness.
  • Growing baby exerts pressure on the digestive tract which leads to several digestion problems such as bloating, gas and constipation. Saffron aids in digestion and increases appetite during pregnancy.
  • Saffron is loaded with calcium, vitamin A and frolic acid, thus makes your bone stronger and provides relief from joint pain.

6. Neck Massage Pillow. (Amazon)

Reaching your destination from a tiring, sleepless journey will affect your health. It may cause headache and stress. So, you need a comfortable voyage pillow when you travel long distance. These pillows are versatile that support your neck and allows you to take proper rest.

Here you can get different types of neck pillows that will help you in office, at home and while traveling. You can keep it around your neck, against window or put it on the desk to keep your head and get rid of bad posture.

Neck pillow comes with different features and are made of soft durable material. They are small enough to keep in bags. So, just grab it and have a pleasant nap.

7. Maternity Gowns. (Amazon)

Maternity Gown

Now you don’t need to worry about your clothes while you are pregnant. You might need dresses for different occassions like party wear, night wear, casuals etc. when you are expecting and most of the time it is unavailable. But now its time to get over it.

Here you can get stylish and fashionable outfittings at very reasonable price. These clothes are available in all sizes. They are made of highly comfortable fabric and are washable. Now no need wear those over sized dresses.

You can check different printed dresses for yourself so that you don’t feel embarrassed when you go out.

8. Disposable Urinal Bags For Women. (Amazon)


Urinal bags are highly convenient for women and can be used while sitting or standing. These bags are biodegradable and are highly absorbent that quickly absorbs liquid. It turns bodily fluid into non-toxic, odorless gel and is easy to dispose.

They are made of non woven fabric that prevents any leakage and a spill guard does not allow liquid to flow back. Urinal bags are very compact, easy to carry and are hygienic.

You can always keep it with you whenever you go out as public urinals might cause any infection when you are pregnant or after child birth. On the other hand urinal bag restricts bacterial growth preventing you and your baby from outer diseases.

9. Pregnancy Piercings. (Amazon)

Expecting moms who have piercing might face problem when their baby grows and the belly expands. It might cause your skin to tear, making you feel uncomfortable.

Most mothers remove their piercing due to pain faced in the second and third trimester. If you are going to have C-section delivery then also you’ll have to discontinue it and after delivery it may need to be pierced again.

Pregnancy piercings allow expecting moms to continue their piercing, if they have it on the belly. They are temporary belly rings made of medical grade plastic which keep your naval pierced even in the later stage. It complies with hospital rules like it is sanitized, non-toxic and flexible.

10. Water Bottle. (Amazon)

During pregnancy the need of water increases, you might get more thirsty due to the fact that you have a baby inside your womb. A mother has to be very sharp and acute with respect to her health. Therefore, when it comes to drinking water, lukewarm water is highly suggested as it has several benefits.

  • Good bronchial health : During winter months viral infection possibilities are very high, instead of depending on medication you should try your best to prevent from any kind of infection. Medicines might create complications for the fetus. Whereas warm water reduces the chances of cold, cough, sore throat and other viral infections.
  • Good skin care and hydration : Loss of water doubles during maternity period which might affect the normal functioning of your body and make you feel tired, weak and dehydrated. Warm water refreshes your body, helps in weight loss, provides better hydration and better skin to the mothers.
  • Improves blood circulation : Warm water helps in vasodilation i.e. it expands blood vessels which enhances blood circulation throughout the body. Improved blood flow ensures adequate flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, organs and to the unborn baby inside your womb.
  • Improved digestion and detoxification : Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy. Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water for better digestion and detoxification of your body. Warm water melts the oil deposits in your body, leading to lower level of toxins and improved immune system to protect against diseases.

Thus, it is very necessary that you keep a bottle which can keep water warm for a long time and has a large capacity so that you don’t need to fill it up every time.

11. Week by Week Guide. (Amazon)

Mothers are more careful regarding their diet and health when they are expecting. Health of a mother is directly related to the baby, therefore there is a constant worry inside her regarding her food. She has to be very careful and diligent about what she eats.

Week by weak guide provides you complete support and help needed during pregnancy, birth delivery and even after that. This book is highly informative and assists in child birth, motherhood and natural living. It also provides you benefit of natural birth and answers to common questions during motherhood.

In this book you will find pregnancy meals, exercising tips, pain relief solution during labor, breast feeding guidance etc. A great source for moms to be as it contains all the vital information needed. Whether you are pregnant or not you may gift it to the person who needs it, so I highly encourage you to get a copy right now.

12. Pregnancy Gadgets.

Pregnant Woman

Several smart gadgets have now come up in the market to assist you better during pregnancy. Have a look at them carefully and choose with respect to your need.

a) Relief Band. (Amazon)

Relief band is a wearable technology that provides immediate assistance from nausea and vomiting. It generates specific pulses that modulates the nerve under your wrist. These pulses travel through the nerve to an area of the brain which is the nausea center. It generates signal which then modulates the nerve pathways between brain and stomach providing relief from nausea, morning sickness and motion sickness without any drug.

Relief band is very easy to use, you just have to press the button in the center of the device. You can also increase the intensity level which suites you the best.

b) Belly Buds. (Amazon)

Belly buds sound system is a wonderful gadget and a perfect gift for the moms to be. Baby’s hearing gets developed withing 20 weeks and memory begins at 30 weeks. Using this gadget a mother can feel the baby growing within her by stimulating the baby with the music.

Belly buds is a speaker system that comes with two pairs of audio splitter, storage pouch and has access to music album download. It gently adheres to your belly and allows you to play sound directly to the womb. It allows you to connect with your baby by playing bond-forming voice message which reaches it through audio splitter.

Belly buds is safe, effective, easy to use device that brings you joy anytime and anywhere.

c) Kick Trak. (Amazon)

Kick trak is a magnificent award-winning gadget which enables you to count your baby’s movements so that you can monitor your baby’s progress without any need of a physician and obstetricians highly recommend it.

Growing baby’s movements should be observed every day, start counting the movements when you are 28 weeks. Before 28 weeks kick pattern may be irregular or there might be no movement at all, but you don’t need to worry about it. Try to be cautious after 28 weeks.

You can prepare a chart, try to fill in all the details and show it to your gynaecologist during your next visit. Sometimes your baby might follow a time pattern. Activities are usually higher when you’ve had a meal. If the movements are less or if there is no movement at all after 28 weeks then you should immediately inform your doctor.

d) TENS Care Unit. (Amazon)

What is TENS?

TENS is Transpotaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, a device used by placing electrodes on the skin to send currents through the skin to the nerves underneath to combat pain during natural childbirth. This device is safe, effective and drug free.

How does it work ?

On the day of labor simply place four pads to your back and switch on the TENS machine. You will feel a pleasant sensation, this will raise the endorphins level (pain relieving chemical) and thus will help you to get pain relief from the beginning to the end of the birth.

TENS machine has made natural childbirth painless therefore it has become most popular choice among women who prefer natural delivery. I would highly suggest this device to any woman who wants pain free natural childbirth. Apart from delivery this machine can also be used for other painful conditions like back ache, shoulder pain etc.

It comes with several features like preset mode for easy use, dual channel, large display, rotating belt clip, optimax to boost extra pulse power, portable, adhesive reusable pads etc.

e) Fetal Doppler. (Amazon)

Fetal Doppler is an ultrasound Doppler technology used to obtain the baby’s heartbeat accurately. This machine has only 1/3rd of the amount of radiation compared to similar products.

Fetal heart rate keeps changing which makes it necessary to monitor its health. This device automatically records heart rate and can be used anytime and anywhere.

So capture your unborn baby’s heartbeat and share this joy with the rest of your family members.

f) Pinard Stethoscope or Fetal Stethoscope. (Amazon)

Pinard stethoscope is a traditional fetal stethoscope, a very useful device for midwives to ascertain the baby’s position inside the womb and can also be used to read the baby’s heart rate when placed over its back.

It does not expose any ultrasound waves and is inexpensive.

Moms are advised to use pinard stethoscope during their labor.

13. Maternity Lingerie. (Amazon)

Pregnancy Lingerie

It has specially been designed to support your belly and to relieve pressure from your back and abdomen. It gently slides underneath your belly to lift it up, provides you comfort and is made up of soft micro fiber material that leaves pressure on the lower back to provide relief from back ache.

Its unique design does not let it roll down and ensures that it stays in place unlike other over sized maternity undergarments that worsen the situation. Maternity panty is available in different sizes and colors so you can purchase it according to your existing trouser size to accommodate your growing bump.

The best features about these panties are :-

  • They are hygienic.
  • Supportive.
  • Discrete.
  • Stretchy leg opening for more comfort.
  • Provides maximum support to your belly by lifting it up.
  • Does not roll down.
  • Relieves back ache.

So, while buying new lingerie do not look forward to style anymore instead buy something that is comfortable to you.

14. Soup Bowl for Pregnancy. (Amazon)

Soup Bowl

Fluid intake is recommended post vomiting. Soups like tomato soup, vegetable soup and chicken soup provide you calorie and nourishes your body. It also increases your stamina.

Tomato soup can increase your diet as it helps to digest food quickly so that you can increase your appetite and feed your baby properly. Sweetcorn soup gives Vitamin A that promotes healthy growth and skin development within the fetus. Sweetcorn soup is rich in fiber and also offers Vitamin B Complex 12 that helps avert anemia during pregnancy.

Chicken soup can be your best friend throughout pregnancy. It helps reduce nausea and morning sickness.

Get awesome soup bowls for yourself and start consuming soup to make your baby healthy.

15. Yoga Mat. (Amazon)

Prenatal yoga is highly advantageous during third trimester. If you want to practice yoga then always perform it on the slip resistant yoga mat for your safety and under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher.

I have written a post about few prenatal yoga poses on this website, so you can check it out if you are planning to start it.

Here you can get different types of yoga mats like travel yoga mats, professional yoga mats available in different sizes, colors and brands. Each yoga mat comes with unique features, so you should look forward according to your comfort before purchasing it.

Features you should look forward to are :

  • Material : Most of them are Eco friendly i.e. non-toxic, phthalate free, latex free and does not contain other heavy metals. They are made of high quality cushion that helps protect joints and provide stable surface.
  • Size : It should be wider and longer to provide you more surface area.
  • Travel mat : If you are someone who needs to carry yoga mat to another place then you should always look for travel yoga mat as they are lightweight, durable and comes with yoga mat bag or integrated carry strap.
  • Design : Some mats have ribbed design to provide you more grip and helps prevent injury.
  • Warranty : Some brands offer lifetime warranty on yoga mat, it means it will never peel or fade.
  • Washable : It should be easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Cost : Professional yoga mats are more thick but does not let you lose your balance. They are costlier than other mats, so go for the one that suits your budget.

16. Female Portable Urination Device. (Amazon)

Hygiene is the most important concern before and after delivery especially for moms who had c-section. While traveling, you might face a situation when you want to pee but don’t find toilets around or even if you get any public toilet they are extremely dirty. Parasites and bacteria always surround these toilets and make them infectious.

Have you ever thought what will you do in such a situation ? Let me tell you according to research most of the women squat on the bowl, which is extremely dangerous.

If you don’t want to get stuck in such a situation then you can always carry a funnel shaped Female Urinating Device made up of hyper hygienic silicon or cardboard. This urination device is safe, portable, easy to use and very hygienic that gives women freedom to discreetly stand up and pee like man without any embarrassment. The best part is when you use it there is no flow back, splashing or spills.

It allows women to travel anywhere, you can easily carry it in your bag. Modern women can use it as a weapon against unsanitary toilets.

17. Car Safety Pregnancy Products.

Woman Driving

One of the biggest threat for pregnant moms can be a ride in the car. Whether she is driving the car or sitting as a passenger a sudden break or low speed impact can exert extreme pressure against her abdomen which might lead to injury, early delivery or miscarriage. Thus wearing a seat belt in a proper position is very important for pregnant women.

There are devices available that enables pregnant women to wear seat belt comfortably and prevent it riding up over their belly.

a) Bump Belt. (Amazon)

Bump belt has been specifically designed keeping in mind pregnant moms. It protects your unborn baby every time you go out in the car and is very easy to use. You simply have to place it on your car seat and fasten the strap around the seat to stop it from moving. When a pregnant mom sits on it, she is raised a bit higher and the lap seat belt is made to go under her baby bump, to prevent constant pressure on her belly.

Always remember to lean back while driving and make sure that the seat belt strap goes under and around your belly so that during sudden break or accident your baby doesn’t get injured.

You can easily move bump belt from car to car.

b) The Tummy Shield. (Amazon)

The function of Bump belt and Tummy shield are almost similar. It also provides optimum protection to pregnant women and their unborn babies during car crash or emergency brakes.

When an expectant mother is using tummy shield the lap seat belt is hooked to her legs and does not rest across the tummy making it much more comfortable. Even in the event of accident the crash energy is diverted to her legs and not on her baby.

The Tummy Shield has been carefully designed, tested and complies with seat belt performance standards.

Buy above enlisted Pregnancy Products and give birth to your young one without any worry.

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  1. Very informative post. I would have loved to have the c shaped pregnancy pillow or the U LYTE pregnancy pillow when I was pregnant years ago, there is so much to aid the pregnant women now, the vomit bag, the urine bag, and the belly buds that is just awesome. Its been such a long time since I had my children I did not know that all these devices were available. Next time I attend a baby shower instead of just the usual diapers and onesies I can add one of these items. Thank you again. Good post good o

    1. Thanks a lot Ruthlyn. I tried my best to do research and make it informative. There are so many useful products available expecting mothers do not know about it. You can still help others by sharing it with the ones who need them. Thanks again for giving your precious time and reading the article.

  2. Wow, what a great article. You cover so much! Again – I wish I’d known about some of these items the first time around. Especially those pregnancy gadgets – the nausea relief band looks awesome. Do you know if it’s water resistant? I’d love to try it out next time.
    Thanks again! Erica

    1. Thank You Erica.. It’s my pleasure that you find it informative. I tried to cover as many products as I could. Yes, some of the bands are waterproof. I wish you try it out next time.

  3. These are some great tips. I was pregnant this time last year with twins and the maternity pillow was the best for helping me sleep. I had a severe nausea, though, that nothing helped to ease. I really wish I would have known about saffron when I was pregnant. I had depression while pregnant and nothing seemed to help my mood. I recommend the fetal doppler to all mothers. I fell in love the first time I heard our babies’ heartbeats and ordered a fetal doppler right away. We listened to their heartbeats once a week. It’s the sweetest thing.

    1. Hey Evette I’m glad you liked it. Congrats !! On the birth of twins.
      Maternity pillow helps a lot in sleeping disorder. It provides the required comfort and position to sleep. Its true that saffron boost your mood. I wish I could have provided you this article earlier. I agree that the best thing in the world for any mother is to listen to their child’s heartbeat. You can also suggest this article to every expecting mother you know. Thanks again !!

  4. Wow, I had no idea there were so many pregnancy products out there. I really could have benefitted from some of these when I was pregnant with my kids.

    The orthotics would have been a blessing with my first pregnancy as my feet were severely swollen and I had some serious cankles going on. Not even my flip flops would go on my feet! it was horrible.

    With my second child, the saffron would have been nice. That nausea is no joke!

    I really enjoyed reading your article.

    1. Thank You so much for giving your precious time and finding my article interesting.

      Yes you are right most of the pregnant mothers do not know about these products and with this intention I have created this content. There are so many problems a woman suffer from during pregnancy and feet swelling is one of them. Congratulations on the birth of both of your children. Hope you are doing great now. 

      I shall be highly glad if you share this content with your loved ones so that they are benefited from these products. You can also check out my post pregnancy products article.

  5. Wow, what an extensive and informative read! – you’ve certainly done your research into the pregnancy market!

    It’s a great time to be pregnant with all these cool gadgets and products at your disposal. I remember when I was pregnant. I couldn’t live without my U-shaped pillow – and now after reading this, there seems to be even more for choice and that’s just for pillows.

    I think it’s great that there is so much for pregnant women out there – the physical, emotional and physiological changes that they are going through at this amazing time can be quite daunting, so every little helps. Thanks for the great read.

    1. Hey Teresa. Thanks a lot.

      Yes, you’re right it took a lot of time to research on each and every product enlisted here. I tried my best to discover as much product as I could. You may also look out for post pregnancy products and let me know about it. So that I can make it more informative.

      I agree with you that a woman goes through many physical and emotional changes while she is pregnant and these products help here a lot. I shall be glad if you share this article with every expecting mother you know.

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